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REACH Global Services S.A. (RGS) is a professional regulatory consulting company advising clients in the chemicals and cosmetics industries to comply with European Union and Turkish Republic chemicals legislation.


The Company is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and has a strong market presence in Turkey with an office in Istanbul. Our two locations are ideal for maintaining close contact and excellent communication with our clients, especially our Turkish chemical industry clients, but also ensuring proximity to the European Union Commission and CEFIC (European Chemicals Federation) and Cosmetics Europe, all based in Brussels.

13-Year-Long Track Record

More than 1000 manufacturers’ compliance with global chemicals legislations from over 57 countries

Setting the Standards of Only Representative Services

RGS is a Founding Member of ORO in 2008, a European non-profit association and ECHA’s stakeholder setting the standards and professional guidelines for Only Representative consultancy companies within REACH. Same EU standards are applied by RGS with other Global Regulations, and notably within the services rendered for Turkish KKDIK/SEA.